A Princess Diner

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Excellent tips!



Faculty Club. Photo by me.

Last Friday I had the chance to see a demonstration of a “Continental Style” dinner. With my class of Event Marketing, we were warmly greeted by the Faculty Club staff.
When we arrived, they politely offered to hang our coats in a dressing room and then to join the great room. Dressed formally, we sat around a table to begin the etiquette Workshop.
Leanne Pepper, General Manager of the Faculty Club has presented us this workshop which is entitled “Dine Like a Diplomat.” After showing us a series of very funny videos on the daily behavior, she taught us how to properly behave during an official dinner or some other major event.
From appetizers to dessert we have learned several tricks that will help us to behave well in society.


  Classmates at the Faculty Club. Photo by me.          …

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Dining Like Diplomats

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Excellent summary Rebecca! Great job on the editing!

R Hallquist

Last week, our class attended an etiquette workshop – entitled “Dine like a Diplomat” – at the UfT Faculty Club hosted by Leanne Pepper, General Manager of the Faculty Club, as well as Certified Etiquette, Protocol Consultant, and Image Coach. For my blog I decided to be a bit bold and try a video instead, so I could properly walk through the main points of the Continental style of etiquette we learned. Bear in mind I really have no video editing experience…but enjoy!

The Continental Style of Etiquette and Fine Dining, a Summary


Or click here to reach the video: https://www.wevideo.com/view/343886219

And what would be a good video compilation without some extra footage and behind the scene…well, scenes!


Or here: https://www.wevideo.com/view/344038719

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Packaged in green bottles, distributed by ’57 Chevy, advertised on black and white TV in the pub, that is how people recognize Steam Whistle Brewing – a brewery in Toronto.

As scheduled, last week, I had a field trip to Steam Whistle with my class, and it brought me a lot of excitement and surprise. After a tour and taste, I have a lot of things to love the pilsner – even I am not that into beer.

1. Taste of green

BEER Steam Whistle Brewing. Sourced by Steam Whistle site.

When pouring the beer, pure gold and hardcore filtered of the liquid make you excited a lot. You can expect it as a great beer to relax and enjoy whenever you want because its taste is very light and refreshing with barley aroma blended. It must be a Premium Pilsner that Canadian can be proud of.

By using traditional brewing…

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Setting Sail

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Katherine Dionne

This past April I graduated from the University of Guelph, and while I felt a sense of accomplishment, I was terrified. I had no idea what I wanted to do with this piece of paper I worked the past 4 years for. I went into University thinking I wanted to be a teacher, but with the lack of jobs and the 1 year extension of teachers college, I gave up that dream to pursue another passion. I have always been an avid and passionate sports fan and player. I grew up playing every sport imaginable, and wanted a career surrounded by other people who were passionate about the same thing. When I found the Event Marketing in Sports, Entertainment, and Arts program Seneca offered, it was a no brainer.

Marshmallow Challenge! Photo by: Chris Bauchas Marshmallow Challenge!
Photo by: Chris Bacchus

We spent our Set Sail orientation week getting to know our classmates and professors by participating in…

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Natasha Mladenoska

This past week I had the chance to attend University of Toronto’s Dine Like A Diplomat seminar with my classmates to learn proper dining etiquette. The building in itself was beautiful, with plants covering the entire outside entrance and a Victorian-style interior setting. You could say it was almost as if it came out of a movie. After having a chance to admire the design of the building while chatting with my classmates, we finally got settled into the dining hall and the seminar began.

Entrance of The Faculty Club Photo Credit: Krystal M. Entrance of The Faculty Club
Photo Credit: Krystal M.

Leanne Pepper, the General Manager of the Faculty Club at the University of Toronto, ran the seminar and discussed multiple things. I’m going to be honest, going into the seminar I expected it to cover things that were common sense, like not to slurp your soup or talk with your mouth open – things I was…

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Locked doors in wonderland

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Hello beautiful people, welcome back for more tales of the hijinks and tomfoolery of yours truly. This week as I emerged from the other side of the rabbit hole, I came upon a locked door.

” – Simply impassible.
– You mean impossible?
– No, Impassible. nothings impossible. ” Screen Shot from Disney’s animated feature Alice In Wonderland (1951.)

Now before I divulge into the dramas of student/industry politics, let’s go back to the overlooked positives and invaluable wisdom I absorbed from the actual conference itself.

Screen Shot from the IAB website: http://iabcanada.com/events/mixx-canada/ Screen Shot from the IAB website: http://iabcanada.com/events/mixx-canada/

The IAB Canada Mixx Conference 2014 was a gathering of digital marketing and advertising professionals to network, gain learning experience and contribute to positive change in the canadian digital marketing industry. Among these professionals were speakers who had between half an hour and an hour to discuss the latest trends in digital marketing and how to approach marketing…

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IAB Canada 2014 Mixx Conference

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I like the way you organized your thoughts.


On Wednesday September 17th, 2014, our Event Marketing class had the opportunity to attend the IAB Canada Mixx Conference at the Carlu Hotel in downtown Toronto. I was excited to start the day, and experience my first ever marketing conference. I was looking forward to learning from digital media professionals, and possibly connecting with a few industry professionals as well.

mixx conference 2014-6 Event Marketing- Sports, Entertainment, Arts class at the IAB Canada 2014 Fall Mixx Conference Photo Credit: Professor Chris Bacchus


  • Speakers

Throughout the day, we heard from seven different speakers, all covering a wide range of different topics. The topics and speakers included:

The Secret to Digital Strategy Success: Putting People First, Not Technology with Charlene Li

The End of Digital Media  with Annette Warring

Profit-Driven Marketing: The CMO’s New Standard for Success with Marie Josee Lamothe

Video Without Borders: A Global Perspective on Content & Technology

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